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The mainstay of our business is wood door restoration in Brooklyn, NY. However, we are often contacted by homeowners who wish to have a door repaired on-site due to damage to the wood - perhaps there was a break-in or some hinges have failed or are pulling away from the door frame or perhaps the door frame is damaged.   Maybe in conjunction with this kind of woodwork you need a lock changed and your local locksmith has told you they can take care of the lock but cannot fix the wood.   we now offer a repair service for just these kind of issues, serving Queens, Brooklyn, and Westchester.  this service is often available on saturdays.

These are some of the repairs and improvements we can perform on site:

resetting of hinges and hinge screws;

adjustment and resetting of latch plates;

repairing split door frames;

filling in of old slide bolt pockets;

filling of old lock bores;

repair of forced entry damage (depending on the severity; this may be shop work);

installation of insulated door stop and wooden sweeps (please note, we do not use big box store products, we source materials which look the part and can often be finished in a way to look like they belong with your doors);

installation of door closers and the repair of "enlarged" closer screw holes;

On site lock consultation; we will sit at your computer with you and help you select a mail order quality lockset that will work and retrofit to your old doors.   we have sourced and installed hundreds of locksets for older doors and are aware of the issues that can arise and we know what has to be done to circumvent them.

be aware that while we do actively seek this work as we no longer do cabinetry, we can do these on site repairs on cabinet doors; it is worth an inquiry if you have cabinet door problems.

Please, please, please:  if you wish to contact us for the above, be ready to possibly send me some photos but at the minimum be prepared to spend about 1/2 hour on the phone with me telling me about your door problems.   in the process I will teach you some terminology that will enable you to describe your issues and help me to arrive at your house with most if not all of what I need to go to work.   if you are serious about spending the money to use our service, we are serious about helping you and I will spend as much time as needed preparing for the job which is not billed to you as working time.


The Tinker's Wagon
Licensed Contractors and Locksmiths
Specializing in the Restoration of 19th Century Wood Doors
Stetson Farr Ltd.
Middle Village, NY 11379

New York City Contractor's License #1286189
New York City Locksmith License #1367976​

On-Site Repair Rates

Brooklyn and Queens
$225 for the first hour
$75 per hour thereafter
$85 per hour with helper

$325 for the first 1.5 hours
$80 per hour thereafter
$90 per hour with helper

$300 for the first 1.5 hours
$75 per hour thereafter
$85 per hour with helper

Plus Sales Tax
(which we hate collecting)

I may or may not have a helper with me but if I do, I will move faster.

In depth telephone consultation is free.  During that call, we will talk with you in an attempt to provide a reasonable estimate.  we will reconfirm that estimate on arrival. 

travel time is built into the above rates.  we make every effort to arrive at the job with all needed materials; preparation time is built into the above rates.