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The mainstay of our business is wood door restoration in Brooklyn and Queens. however, we are often contacted by homeowners who wish to have a door repaired on-site due to some small bit of damage to the wood - perhaps there was a break-in or some hinges have failed or are pulling away from the door frame.   or maybe the door frame has split.   Maybe in conjunction with this kind of woodwork you need a lock changed and your local locksmith has told you they can take care of the lock but cannot fix the wood.   we now offer a repair service for just these kind of repairs, serving queens and north east Brooklyn with emphasis on Bushwick, Ridgewood, Astoria, Maspeth, Middle Village, Glendale, Forest Hills Sunnyside, Woodside, and Rego Park.

Please understand that we are expert woodworkers and this repair service is not without cost (an initial service call to repair even the smallest thing on a wood door will run about twice as much a locksmith's visit).   But we do take pride in our work and if we can not fix it in a professional manner, we will either explain that to you before we start the job or we will decline the job outright.   i have to say this as well, we have been called over the years to repair damage done to wood doors by less than professional "locksmiths". 

We can and do install locks for people as part of this service and if you have several lock sets that have to be worked on or have some small bit of wood work to be worked on in conjunction with the locksmithing, you may wish to consider our service.   again, the cost of our initial visit to service a door is about twice that of a main steam locksmith's service call.   

As part of out service to historic doors, we stock and source many hard to find and unique pieces of hardware including 19th century knobs, trim plates, and hinges.   Please see our page on locks and hardware as we will soon be listing hard to find door hardware for sale.


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