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Entry Door Restoration Specialists

With our quality work, you do not have to purchase new doors.  

Don't know who to call for wood restoration projects?  Afraid to let any "handyman" touch the architectural woodwork in your historic home?  Need someone with a small shop to reveneer a door?   Or do your 19th century entry doors have a have a little 21st century sag?  Need those doors taken down for a "hinge-off" restoration?  Or maybe you wish your pocket doors rolled like they did when Teddy Roosevelt was president?  Look no further.

The Tinker's Wagon is a small, licensed and insured contracting firm focused on New York City's older homes.  Dedicated to the restoration of wood entry doors, but fully experienced with all facets of architectural woodwork, locksets, and cabinetry, The Tinker's Wagon is just the firm for all of your wood restoration needs.  

If you are looking for an honest, experienced person to take care of the restoration work you have around your home, look no further.  Call The Tinker's Wagon at 347-813-9635 or email service@thetinkerswagon.com.

The Tinker's Wagon provides free quotes for work within New York City.   In addition to servicing the five boros, we provide wood door restoration services to Northern New Jersey, Southern Connecticut, and Westchester.

The Tinker's Wagon
Licensed Contractors and Locksmiths
Specializing in the Restoration of 19th Century Wood Doors
A Division of Stetson Farr Ltd.
Middle Village, NY 11379



New York City Lic. #1286189 
phone 347. 813. 9635
All Complete, "Off-The-Hinge" Door Restoration Projects Include New Safety Glass And A New Marks "New Yorker" Mortise Lock Set in Brass.  For a Free Estimate, Send Pictures Of Your Door(s) To: 

We Can Restore Any Door